Before Your Ride

  • Bike handle

    Conduct a safety check, ensuring that handlebars, pedals, and cables are secure and functional

  • Cyclist

    Verify that the standover height is appropriate for your body to ensure a safe and comfortable ride

  • Cyclist

    Next, open the quick release clamp on the seat post to adjust the bike seat height so there's a slight bend in your knee (about 25-30 degrees) when the pedal is at the lowest point.

  • Bicyle Helmet

    Always wear a properly fitting helmet.

  • Grey box

    Familiarize yourself with local cycling laws. Summit County has authorized Class 1 e-bikes on pedestrian and/or bike paths where regular bicycles are allowed. However, all Class 2, Class 3 and unclassified e-bikes remain prohibited on the Recpath. E-bikes are not permitted on natural surface trails dedicated as non-motorized.

Riding and Bike Operation

  • Bike handle button

    Turn the e-bike on and off with a long press of the power button on the bottom edge of the left-hand controller.

  • Modes handler

    Once the bike is powered on, short press the power button to change riding modes: eco, trail, or boost. Eco is most battery efficient and will be best for long path rides.

  • brakes

    The left brake is for the front wheel, and the right is for the back wheel. Caution: applying too much pressure to the left brake can lock the front wheel and lead to an “over-the-bars” crash. 

  • Assist buttons

    Once riding, press the “+” or “—“ button on the left-hand controller to select the appropriate assist level to match your riding preference.

Riding Conditions

  • Bike wheel

    Be extra cautious in wet or low-visibility conditions, adjusting speed and braking distance accordingly.

  • Bike light

    Ensure the bike's lights and reflectors are clear and operational to maintain visibility to others.

ALPEN e-bikes are tested and approved for use on roads and paved paths only. 

DO NOT ENGAGE IN EXTREME RIDING. This includes, but is not limited to, jumping, attempting tricks and stunts, and riding on unpaved trails. Extreme riding is neither recommended nor permitted and may result in serious injury or death. ALPEN strictly prohibits use of this bike on single-track mountain bike trails, downhill trails, lift-accessed mountain bike terrain, and jump trails. 

The bikes and bike components have limitations in terms of strength and integrity, and engaging in extreme riding can damage bike components and lead to hazardous riding situations where you may be seriously injured or killed.