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ALPEN Bike Capsule

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ALPEN Storage

"The capsules are just what we needed with living in an apartment and being short on storage. They look great on our patio, give us convenient access for our bikes, and they solve our storage issue.”"

Debbie W - New Zealand
ALPEN Storage

“I’ve been really enjoying my capsules. They work well and I feel totally spoiled to have them. I love having my bike concealed and so accessible. Before I was bringing it into my office or condo and this is so much better!”

Sandra B - Oak Lawn IL
ALPEN Storage

“It is an amazing unit and it fits my needs perfectly. I live in a 1,500 sqft townhouse with no garage. so this is an IDEAL solution for me.”

Matt R - Seattle WA
ALPEN Storage

“My ALPEN Bike Capsule is the solution I have been looking for. I live in a small apartment, so putting my bike on my balcony in the capsule is so great!”

Jakub P - Warsaw Poland

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