Commercial Bike Storage


High-Demand Amenity

Bike storage is one of the most requested urban property amenities. Demand is skyrocketing as bike commuting becomes more viable with the introduction of modern e-bike technology and as cities invest heavily in cycling infrastructure.

Rental Income

Dedicated, on-site, secure bike parking is an amenity for which tenants are increasingly willing to pay a premium. Modern e-bikes are heavy and cumbersome to lug around buildings, and cost thousands of dollars, making security and convenience of the utmost concern.

Adds Value

Rental income from otherwise unused square footage, whether parking garage, common area, courtyard, rooftop, patio or balcony, increases property value and offers a return on investment that far exceeds typical property amenities.

Easy Management

Easy to install and operate. Little maintenance required. Optional Bluetooth lock offers tenants automatic access and rental payments, eliminating the need to swap out keys and collect rent.

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