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ALPEN Basecamp Bike Capsule Pre-Order SOLD OUT

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Building off of the success of the Classic Bike Capsule, ALPEN is excited to introduce its newest model, the Basecamp.  True to the original, patented and acclaimed design, the Basecamp offers more interior space to accommodate almost any type of bike. The Basecamp incorporates connected iOT technology, pairing an integrated Bluetooth lock with ALPEN’s smartphone app for convenient, secure keyless entry. Ditch the keys and go high-tech with the ALPEN Basecamp.

The Basecamp is ALPEN’s response to the booming e-bike market and the exciting new styles and bike geometries that are quickly becoming popular.  Have a 29er? We’ve got you covered! Prefer 800mm+ bars on your mountain bike? ? Done!  Enjoy the go-anywhere attitude of fat bikes? It’ll fit! Ditched your car for an e-bike? Nice move!  As with the Classic, the Basecamp is durable, weatherproof and has plenty of additional room for all your cycling gear. It can securely attach  to most ground surfaces to prevent theft of the entire unit and, for added peace of mind, has  an optional Hiplok ground anchor to  lock your bike with a traditional lock while inside the Capsule. An e-bike charging grommet is mounted on the rear of the unit so you can safely charge your e-bike while it is securely locked inside the Basecamp. . 

The Basecamp’s Bluetooth/WiFi enabled smart lock and app-based user access brings a whole new level of grab-and-go convenience to your modern lifestyle. One touch of the ALPEN app on your smartphone or smart watch unlocks the door and you’re on your way. This technology enables a greater variety of uses, including sharing, geolocation and automated rental payments, ensuring that there’s always a secure place to park your bike, no matter where your ride might take you.



Overall Size:  85" L, 32" W, 55.6" H

Max Overall Bike Length:  77"

Max Handlebar Width:  33"



iOT Technology – Keyless access, geolocation, unit  sharing, and a full suite of features available on the iOS/Android app make for an extremely convenient bike parking experience.  A discrete, covered USB port allows for easy recharging in the event the lock batteries run low. 

E-Bike Charging  – A charger grommet allows an e-bike battery charger cord to run out the back of the unit to a wall socket or external 120V power source, allowing e-bikes to be safely charged while locked securely inside the Basecamp.

Design  – ALPEN products are proudly manufactured and assembled by hand in the USA. Each and every design detail has been thoughtfully considered to enhance strength, functionality and the user experience, while also lending to the sleek aesthetic appeal.  Because it’s the little things that matter.


Commercial Specs

  • Utilize the ALPEN dashboard for easy Capsule management 
  • Automatic rental payments through ALPEN  app 
  • IOT technology enables both short-term parking and long-term storage
  • Seamless API Dashboard can plug into most third-party property management software
ALPEN Basecamp Bike Capsule Pre-Order SOLD OUT

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