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Folks looking for bike storage solutions often ask us,  “Why an ALPEN Bike Capsule?”  This is a great question, especially if you’re wondering how you can utilize ALPEN at your home or if you’re living in a condo, townhome or apartment. 

But before we get into it, let’s start with the ALPEN basics.  

We should all ride more bikes.  It’s healthy, it’s fun, and it’s positive for the environment.  If you’re reading this blog we probably don’t need to tell you that; although we think it’s worth repeating.  However, the reality is that it’s just not that convenient to ride sometimes.  Aside from the fact that we all don’t live in sunny California, there are more fundamental reasons.  According to a study of NYC cyclists, the top two reasons folks don’t ride more are because there aren’t enough protected bike lanes (personal safety) and there’s a severe lack of secure bike parking!  While federal and local funds are (finally) being invested in bike lanes, ALPEN is taking on the parking challenge. How often are you walking by a sad looking bike frame, with wheels and saddle removed, just rusting away, still locked to a rack or parking meter?  Even worse, have you had an entire bike stolen? At ALPEN, we took those painful personal experiences and tried to find a convenient, elegant solution that would make it possible - even enjoyable - to safely store, park and charge your bike at your home and at your destination.  

With a pandemic-fueled renewed interest in cycling, and the subsequent boom in E-Bike sales, we believe now is the time to step up and be the bike parking infrastructure solution to enable all cyclists, and especially e-bikers, to ride more often, and to more places, without worrying. 

Who is ALPEN for? Well …. It’s for those with a residential dwelling without a garage or one that’s not quite large enough for all the toys, it’s perfect for apartment tenants who are paying a premium for their interior square footage, for commercial real estate owners who want to upgrade their bike parking amenities, for local bike shops who can now make after-hours pick-up of serviced bikes available, hotel operators to manage a shared bike fleet, and for breweries, coffee shops, Airbnb’s … you get the point. 

And now back to the question at hand: why ALPEN? 

For the consumer

  1. Bikes are Expensive: You finally purchased your dream bike (or two).  Now you need to figure out how to protect your investment.  ALPEN Bike Capsules are heavy duty and weatherproof so you can safely store your ride outdoors year-round and prevent theft and costly maintenance of rusted components.  And because of its size and ability to secure to most ground surfaces, you can easily tuck it away on the side of your home, or in the backyard, or in a carport without sacrificing excess space. 
  2. Bikes Don’t Make Great Roommates:  They’re dirty, they don’t pay rent, they take up space.  So for space-constrained residents, ALPEN allows you to free up valuable livable space by securely storing your bike outdoors or in a private space, not available to everyone else in your building.  
  3. Bikes are Heavy (especially E-Bikes): Does lugging your bike up a few flights of stairs, or even into a crowded elevator, sound like a fun way to begin or end your ride? We’ve been there and can say emphatically: No. Store your bike outside or in a parking garage, along with all your cycling gear, so you can grab-n-go.    
  4. E-Bike Charging: Like electric vehicles, e-bikes need to be regularly charged.  While some e-bike batteries are removable, others are built into the frame which make it a challenge to use a traditional wall outlet inside your living space.  Remove this barrier - and protect yourself from the possibility of fire - by installing your ALPEN near an outdoor outlet and charge while you’re away.  
  5. Designed to Turn Heads: We set out to create a superior storage solution without sacrificing design.  Blending form and function, our Bike Capsules are sure to compliment your home exterior, without taking up more area than is needed.     

For the commercial property owner

  1. More Bikes, More E-bikes:  As noted above, cycling is trending and e-bike sales are soaring and we expect those trends to continue.  But what does this mean when more tenants show up to your property with bikes and e-bikes?  It means more bikes inside of apartments, condos and office spaces and it means e-cyclists will want to be able to charge their bikes while parked (we see an equivalency to the trajectory of electric vehicle charging stations in this regard).  Be a leader in bike parking by getting ahead of this looming issue.  
  2. Reduce Wear & Tear: Bikes are cumbersome and even with the greatest care you’d be hard pressed to avoid scuffing a wall or rolling dirty tires over clean carpet.  Avoid this excessive wear and tear by installing ALPEN Bike Capsules in available exterior common areas or parking garages. Don’t think you have the space? We love a challenge so shoot us your floor plans and we’ll find an ideal spot! 
  3. Premium Amenity:  We’ll be honest, ALPEN isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution for your properties bike storage needs.  But for the daily commuter on an expensive e-bike (that needs to be charged), or the weekend warrior with a high-end road/tri/mountain bike, this product will be a welcome addition to your bike parking quiver.  We guarantee most of these cyclists aren’t using your bike cage anyways.  Which brings us to … 
  4. Cost Effective:  Bike cages are an expensive investment, are (typically) not well designed, and likely don’t show a tangible return.  ALPEN has you covered: we offer multiple pricing options for property owners, Bike Capsules can easily be scaled up as demand dictates and are far more cost effective than an under-utilized bike cage.  Moreover, it’s designed to compliment your Class A property.  
  5. Environmental Initiative: Encourage more riding by offering convenient parking and e-bike charging!  If you’re serious about your green bonafides, one of the best ways to do this is by enabling the healthy practices of your tenants.   Bonus: Millennial and Gen Z renters want sustainable amenities.   

Thanks for reading! If this sounds like something you’d like at your home or commercial property drop us a line at or shoot us a note through the chat on our website.  We love talking bikes and finding solutions for your bike parking needs.  

Enjoy the ride!

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