Weatherproof Bike Storage for Apartment Buildings

Building Managers Seek Weatherproof Bike Storage for Apartment Buildings

As the nights close in and the days get colder, many cyclists prepare to put away their bikes for the winter— and building managers seek weatherproof bike storage for apartment buildings. With limited floor space apartments do not lend themselves easily to bike storage solutions and landlords are often loath to allow wall mounted bike racks. ALPEN Storage offers insight into suitable solutions for apartment buildings and other residential or business premises.

Bicycle Storage Solutions for Places Labelled ‘Too Small’

Small spaces such as studio apartments do not offer many options for bike storage. When indoor bike storage is not possible, tenants seek a secure alternative storage option. Unfortunately, many outdoor bike storage solutions fall short when it comes to security or weatherproofing. Many apartments offer their tenants bike storage to their tenants, and these racks or cages may have adequate weatherproofing for winter conditions, but fall short on security. 

Best Outdoor Bicycle Storage

When it comes to keeping your tenants’ bicycles safe from weather and thieves, ALPEN Storage’s Bike Capsule is the high-quality choice of discerning apartment building managers. No other solution on the market offers this combination of features:

  • Durability - Our Bike Capsules are made from roto-molded, UV-resistant polyethylene. Metal components are 100% corrosion-resistant stainless steel and aluminum.
  • Sleek, precise design - The sculptural, circular design repels water and slides open and closed easily, locking automatically when closed.
  • Security - The Bike Capsule is a Class 1 secure bike locker, with an integrated lock and key system and optional Bluetooth functionality. The entire unit’s surface can bolt or adhese easily to the ground, to prevent theft of the unit.
  • Convenience: Mounts to decks, patios, balconies, rooftops, alleyways, garages and even lawns, offering easy access as you come and go from home on your bike.

  • At a size of 79x32 inches, our Bike Capsule fits easily into unused parking garage space, optimizing your building’s car storage for your tenants. If you’re interested in acquiring ALPEN Bike Capsules for your apartment building, contact us through our website